Beer review #12: Cannery Brewing I.P.A

This was another one from the Cannery Brewing Sampler pack. After experiencing nothing but good things with their Naramata Nut Brown Ale I'm expecting something special from their offering in the I.P.A department.

I'm still getting used to the Canadian take on I.P.A - a different animal indeed from what I'm used to back in London. Still, the boys at Cannery have been good to me so far so I'm happy to put myself in their capable hands. Don't let me down guys!

Just like before, they've taken their artwork seriously. Even the can looks like it would taste pretty good, all orange and pretty as it is. The Taj Mahal motif makes me wonder if I should have tried this one when I was getting a curry and I've got a lot of time for the nautical crap around the bottom of the can. The blurb tells me to expect 'a rich malt foundation' and a 'lingering hop finish'. Are these claims nothing more than the sadistic lies of a crazed brewmaster?

Probably not, but let's check.

Cannery's IPA looks good on the pour - cloudy, but without any sediment with about 1/4 inch of thick foamy head that dissolves down over to leave a bubbly film and plenty of lacing.

Based on the smell, the back of the can was pretty accurate. I'm definitely getting the hops (not exactly surprising in an I.P.A) and there's plenty of malty fun in there too. The malt fades away pretty swiftly and leaves a lovely hoppy aftertaste that keeps me happy until my next sip.

I'm definitely pleased with this one. It's pretty, it's tasty, and this particular can had been slightly overfilled so when I opened it, it kinda spilled a little but I got extra beer. It packs 6% abv without tasting even a little bit boozy. There's a lot going on here I could see it going nicely on it's own or with a meal with plenty of strong flavours - I've got a nice chicken jalfrezi in mind.

Verdict: 8.5/10

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